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Culture of Fatehgarh

Arts and Crafts in FatehgarhThe rich heritage and ethnic land Uttar Pradesh is the home to many arts and craft forms like the Hindustani music, ghazal, qauwwali, kathak and the folk forms like the rasiya, charukala are much popular in Fatehgarh as all parts of the state. A tourist in the city should never miss the opportunity to enjoy this traditional and folk culture of Fatehgarh as it portrays epic or a social message through various art forms. Skilled craft works like carpet making, pottery making, handloom garments and cotton prints are also famous in the city which are all displayed during trade fairs and exhibition conducted during festivals to promote the craft products of the state. The land has a mixture of people from multiple religion and the Cantonment area is a collection of people from various cities of India living under one roof.

Festivals and Fairs in Fatehgarh

Festivals and fairs are popular in the city as any part of state. A month or few weeks of fasting is observed pre festivals which marks the start of the festivals and finally feasting and celebration. Prayers and pujas are the main elements in a festival irrespective to the discipline they follow. Visiting religious spots, fairs, relatives are also observed on festive occasions. Traditional home-made sweets and food are distributed and enjoyed by the people. People go for massive shopping on textiles, jewellery and gifts; also people give preference to traditional wear on these occasions.

Popular festivals like Diwali “festival of lights”, Holi “festival of colours”, Dussehra, Hanuman jayathi, Buddha Jayanthi, Mahavir Jayanthi, Ramzan, Muharram, Id, Christmas and many more occasions fill the city with joy and fun. Most of these festivals are enjoyed as a group with the neighbourhood. Ramlila a religious play which depicts the life of Lord Rama and Sita is popular during Dussehra, people visit temple and see these plays at temple premise or on fair grounds. In Holi, the people of Fatehgarh gather on streets, dances around the bonfire and paint themselves and others with bright holi water colours and paints.

A month of fasting is observed during the holy month of Ramzan which on successful completion is celebrated with a grand feast, Eid. The fair conducted in the Maha Samadhi is also famous in Fatehgarh. All these festive moments break the religion and community barrier between people which bring accord in the city.

Celebrations at Fatehgarh Cantonment

National events like Independence Day, Republic Day, Flag Day and Army Day are celebrated in Cantonment area along with the civilian population in the city.

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