Things To Do in Fatehgarh

ghatsFatehgarh has few but best things to do in the city. The land is nourished by the rivers like Ganges, Ram Ganga and Kali Nadi, the areas that reside on the sides of these river banks carry a rich cultural heritage and ethnicity. This city of Uttar Pradesh has numerous pilgrim centres along the river banks and many shopping places for the tourist in the city.

Sightseeing in Fatehgarh

Sightseeing in Fatehgarh is fun and joyful as it narrates the history that the city depicts. Famous pilgrim spots in the city are Hanuman Temple, Shiv Mandir, Garreya Khaara Temple, Gamadevi Mandir. The closed British cemetery, the green plants and colourful flowers of Kutra plant nursery and the green lawn of Ashok Vatika are the must to see places in the city. The Samdhi Mandir of “Lalaji” depicts the life of Sufi saints.

Trip to Ganges in Fatehgarh

The heritage city lies on the right side banks of sacred river Ganges, apart from that the river Ram Ganga and Kali Nadi also forms its banks along the city. Most of the outer localities of the city are located at the Ganges banks. A tourist in the city should never miss their opportunity to trip down towards the Ganges banks as it portrays the gift of nature and yields a joyful experience of boating and bathing, also a tourist should never miss the sight of sun rise and sunset at the Ghats. The localities that are located on the river banks are the Bhagua Nagla and the Cantt area. The localities that lie close to river banks are the Phoos Banglow colony, SSB Nagar and the Gulistan colony.

Photography in Fatehgarh

The moments that to be photographed in the city are the farmers at work especially the skill of women working at farms, cattle, craftsmen at work, the intensity of nature, the beauty of Ghats and many more. As the town is a military base, photographs are strictly restricted in certain areas especially the Cantt area where most of the military establishments are residing. Festive seasons give a lot more choice to grab the culture of Fatehgarh. Tourists are advised not to click pictures at religious spots.

Shopping in Fatehgarh

From the shopping market of Fatehgarh, a tourist can shop almost all the rich and traditional arts and craft products that the state is popular for. Right from Banaras silk till the modern handloom can be shopped here. The city is also famous in manufacturing wide varieties of perfumes, cotton printed garments and saltpetre that can be used as medicine for certain ailments. Mughal-inspired chikan worked garments are popular among people which is available in almost all textile shops in the city designed over the kurtas, saris, tops and salwars. Art and craft products such as the glass wares, pottery vessels, traditional design worked carpets, clay products and much more can be bought from the shopping streets of Fatehgarh.

Walking Tour Fatehgarh

A long walking tour in the city teaches the lifestyle and the culture of the local public in Fatehgarh. The city is sound in agriculture so walking along the irrigation farms aid to know the agricultural practices followed in the city. The fresh air, rich cultural heritage, architectural styles were the specialities of the city that can be realised by a trekking tour within the rural corners of the city. The beauty of religious practices, joint family institutions and the down to earth people’s hospitality in Fatehgarh can be sensed by a traveller in the city when they actually mingle with the people. The walking tour mainly teaches the beauty of simple lifestyle that is observed it the city.

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